Windows 7 driver issue

saphire 199

Distinguished Member
Hi. I clean installed Win 7 Ult 64X and I have a few tweak questions - I will start with the easiest one:
I don't really shut my machine down that often, but then because of updates I had to and I started noticing it was hanging on the shutdown process. It didn't matter if it was a restart or shutdown, it would just hang with the screen saying "shutting down" . I went into msconfig cuz I figured driver conflict since I was re-installing pgms, etc. What I found after trial and error was that the Cyberlink PowerDVD10 RC service was causing the problem. OK, that is fine - but if I turn this service off, I have problems with running Power DVD10 and I use it alot. Is there an option that I am maybe missing here? I made sure I had latest update PowerDVD 10.
Thanks for any help.

Hi saphire199,

PowerDVD needs its service to run, and if the service performs poorly you'll just have to live with it, unfortunately.
Sigh, that's what I thought, but I appreciate your taking the time to confirm it. Win 7 is definitely a step in the right direction but still has its quirks. I am willing to live with it.