windows 7-F8 not working

By mistake I resetted with easybcd the bcd store. Before rebooting, I added manually a windows 7 entry and all has gone OK.
Unfortunately, now when I press f8 for boot up advanced boot options (before windows start up) this menu does not bring up anymore. If I set with easybcd "boot default OS after 30 s" than f8 function is OK, but when I reset the default boot (skip the boot menu) then the manually boot with f8 does not function.
How can I resume f8 function? Does this function depends on bootmanger, bcd, mbr, winload???
Maybe it's important if I say that my pc (notebook HP Pavilion g6) has a EFI bios.
Please, help: pc is working well but I would like press f8 for having boot options as before.


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If you skip the boot menu, you skip past the part where F8 is caught.
If you have only one OS, you shouldn't need to switch from timeout to skip.
Sorry, I don't understand your reply.
It's easy:
1) before => starting pc, pressing F8, appearing boot menu (repair, safe mode, and so on). If not pressing F8, starting windows normally
2) now => starting pc, pressing F8, NOT appearing boot menu (so obviously windows starts normally).
That's all.
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When you are at the bootloader selection screen, you press F8 at that time. You dont press it before or after, but when you make your selection.

If you are using EasyBCD, then you are creating a multiboot system. You already said you added an entry for Windows 7, so you should see the multiboot screen. If you do not see it, then something is not right with your boot setup.