Windows 7 & Fedora


Hi guys, Recent ally I need to reinstall my windows.It remove dual boot grub and install Windows mbr. Now I install Windows on 1 st hdd and fedora on 2nd hdd. I treinstall grub on 2nd hdd, not on 1 st, as it was. I can easily boot on both just by selecting hdd for boot. I use easybcd for adding Fedora entry in Windows boot menu, by grub legacy. But on selecting Fedora I got Black screen and nothing happen. Can any one help me , what should I do for it?
For booting Linux with legacy grub on a different HDD, you must tick the box.
("grub isn't installed........" or "Use EasyBCD's grub" depending on the EasyBCD build you're using)
See sticky point 7