Windows 7: I want to make my System Reserved partition exist on my Windows drive.

Hello helpful forum. My problem is this: I have Windows 7 installed on an Intel X25-V SSD. For some reason, when I installed Windows on it, it put the System Reserved partition on a separate hard drive. Well I want to use that separate hard drive for something else in a different computer. Can I use EasyBCD to create a System Reserved partition on my main windows HDD (my SSD) so that I can boot into windows once I remove that extra hard drive? I was told by Microsoft AND by EaseUS that the official way to do this is simply to remove all drives except the one you want to have your System Reserved partition on and do a Repair Install. Well this would work great but because there's a bug with my Intel SSD, the Windows Repair option can not detect my drive to do it. I've spent a long time already trying to get windows to see the drive from the repair utility but it simply won't work. So now I want to use Easy BCD to simply make the boot partition myself and tell Windows to boot from it. How do I do it? Thanks for the help, sorry for the long post :smile:
EasyBCD 2.0
BCD Backup/Repair
Change Boot drive
Point it to your W7 partition (probably C) when it asks. That will copy all of the boot files to your W7 partition (they don't have to be in a separate partition. That's just W7 default behaviour if you let it do the space allocation instead of configuring the partitions yourself and is not necessary unless you intend to encrypt your entire C partition)
Change the BIOS boot sequence to start from your W7 disk