Windows 7 Install crashed not stuck in setup loop


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I was at the end finish point of the windows 7 install and it hanged there for like 3 hours I restarted the laptop and and it tries to go into a setting up files window. Looks like a safe mode screen but windows wont launch because it had not finish installing. If I hit f8 it brings up the windows 7 screen not the vista but since all the files are not there I cannot do a repair. So I am stuck. I am trying to reinstall the OS but now I am problems. The laptop is having problems reading some cds on boot. I have an old xp dell recovery and I get a BSD. I have a windows 7 disc it is saying it cant read it. I dont have a USB boot option any more. So I am looking for a disk util to format the drive or something to get to a point to reinstall something and maybe upgrade. Anyones help would be appreciated
It sounds like you're having serious hardware problems. Formating the disk won't help much/any.