Windows 7 not booting??


heyyyyy i need hellpp!!okk so i was runing vista home premuim on my acer aspire and i decided to upgrade to windows 7.. i didnt do a clean install.. sooo i installed and everything was fine.. after everything was done i even ran windows 7 for abt 30 mins but then when i restarted the comp , it went to the black screen with underscore/ or cursor blinking! it goes to the black screen after like the acer boot thingy come( i can change boot sequence and get to bios settings) but windows wont load... it doesnt get to the windows loading part. i tried runing repair install but it was a fail.. it says there isnt anything wrong. Helpppp!! i need to log on to windows again, and i also need my files on harddrive!
Sounds like a software or update installation gone wrong. Try system restore and booting into safe mode with F8 at startup.
I tried doing system restore through the windows 7 disk .. but it says that i dont have a system restore point. And for some reason i can get it to safe mode.. i press f8 and nothing happens..just continues to the black screen with blinking cursor. I presed f8 like 20 times right after i click the power botton and still nothing.Is there any other way to get to safemode?

(sry abt the post b4 correction: i ran a upgrade installation.. just incase some one was confused.)
From what I've been hearing its better to do a clean install rather than an upgrade. Backup your files with an Ubuntu disc to a safe place before continuing.
im sorry but im not that great with comps.. how would i back up my files with an ubuntu disc... especially if i cant get windows to start up
Ubuntu is an OS.
Download a bootable version, then burn it to a CD with Imgburn.
Boot the CD, select "try Ubuntu without changing your PC"
From the Desktop, "places" will give you an Explorer-like window, which you can use to navigate round your HDD and drag/drop your user files to external storage.
Small correction: Places->Computer will give you an Explorer-like window. Places itself is just a menu.

(I know I'm nitpicking, but so what...I guess I'm in the mood :tongueout:)