Windows 7 Recovery Discs Download

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Yep. You have the option of selecting the language at boot time.

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No point in having the Vista recovery disc. The 7 one repairs Vista better than the Vista one does.

Try this:

On a Vista machine - write nt52 bootsector code and mbr, and delete bootmgr and the Boot folder.

Run startup repair from the 7 system recovery options 3 times ( same bit version as the Vista installation ) . Perfect.

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problem to download vista recovery disc

Hi all,
I've payed to download the vista recovery disc, but doesn't start the download from the internet page, probably I was tring to download it after 2 or more days, what can I do to have that for what I've payed?
Thank you.

I have a Dell Inspiron N4010 laptop that will not boot using Windows 7. I just want to get back to the original factory settings. I tried booting in safe mode as well as other options i found searching around and that did not work either. I bought the Windows 7 recovery disc, downloaded it to another PC. Downloaded the ISO burner and created a DVD. Placed it in the laptop and restarted hoping to boot from the DVD drive. I used F12 as well and chose the option to use the drive. At first it appears to be reading the drive but nothing really happens. It eventually displays the windows recovery error screen with the options Launch Startup Repair or Start Windows Normally. Either choice - nothing works. Not sure why the recovery disc is not working. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I cannot see how to start a new thread and I am in high frustration mode, so apologies. I have now used three different programs to burn this iso image to a CD and still the non-functional (non-bootable) machine tells me there is no bootable disk. And yes I have been in the BIOS and changed ti so that the CD/DVD drive is the first boot device. I really thought it was 64 bit. Could this be the problem. I need to buy 32 bit? Is there some other idea anyone has as to how I can boot this machine into Recovery? Is it because I am downloading onto a Windows XP 32 bit machine? Thanks!
You could see if the cd boots on another machine - the machine you used to burn th iso for example.

If it does - then the cd is fine.

In that case, problem is with the sick machine - the optical drive, possibly.

You need the bit version that is the same as the o/s on the machine you are trying to fix.

Inexplicably, MS have made the system recovery options bit version specific.

However , both the 32 and 64 bit iso images are bootable - so check on another machine to see if the cd boots.
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