Windows 7 Recovery Disk on USB


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I tried burning the image to a USB, but the USB flashes for a couple seconds, and the computer hangs with a black screen and a blinking cursor. It doesn't give an error code or enter the Windows is loading files stage.


Never mind, I reformatted the USB, and it worked.
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could you explain how you did it?

I tried to burn the iso file in the usb stick in different ways, but it never boot

i tried to convert the iso to img with ultraiso and use win32diskimager -> nothing
i tried to burn the iso to the usb with unetbootin -> nada

I cannot use a bootable usb as I am without VISTA

what else could I do?


ops, I forgot... thank you NeoSmart for making the Recovery Disk ISOs :smile:
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Hi donuts,
for much situation, the USB stick must have 4 GB or more.
For booting USB stick are much free tools in the I-Net.

Importen is the final NTLDR.
If you see only a bootmgr, so rename this bootmgr to NTLDR.

I Install my OS (Win 7 x64 Ultimate) only with USB stick.
My Recovery-Emergency-Programs are all on USB sticks, but every USB stick is 4 GB, so I have much free space on the Sticks for Tools.

Greetings from Germany,

this is what i got

one netbook, windows 7, no cd, ****ed up mbr, not starting, nada

one laptop with windows xp, no other good vista or 7

how in the world do i write that .iso file on the usb stick, on windows xp?

got it, this is it, maybe somebody else is looking for this solution:

3. Deamon tools

First mount the the Windows 7 Recovery Disc 32-Bit (x86) Edition (2) with Deamon Tools
Run WinsetupfromUSB, choose Vista/7..Recovery ISO and select the drive letter with the .iso early mounted with Deamon
Press GO

Get to the damaged station, boot the newly created usb stick, try to let it fix it, if fails you can go to console and try there some other tricks (fixmbr,fixboot, etc)!
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