Windows 7 Recovery disk


New here. Love all the great input from so many smart people!

My problem.

Using Windows 7 Recovery Disk from NeoSmart...trying to get my HP 9700 laptop up and running. Black screen after boot.
Came about from trying a re-install of windows 7 64b.
Computer had vista 64b on original drive but when drive crashed i replaced with new drive and Windows 7.

I followed the instructions in recovering boot loader. Had to go all the way to the 3rd option Nuclear Holocaust.

all good until I gdt to this line: bcdedit.exe /import c:\boot\bcd.temp
it returns this: store import failed. Requested system device cannot found.

Does anyone know what I need to try next?
Thanks in advance for any help.


I have another idea.

Will I be able to get to the c: prompt while using the recovery disk? If so, what if I format the drive c:.....will I then be able to just restart with my original windows 7 install disk...and reload windows?
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That error is generally as a result of not having a primary partition set.

This can be either due to corrupted HD or could be just that the boot partition was somehow unset as bootable. You'll need to use diskpart from the command prompt of our recovery CD to fix that.

If you want to format Windows, yes you can do what you're asking. But then you wouldn't even need our CD, as you can format during one of the first steps of the Windows install process after booting from your Windows install disk.