Windows 7 Recovery not showing


So, my laptop kindly blue screened last night and I ran the recovery on the partition, it stayed on the blue welcome screen for a good 30minutes and did absolutely nothing. No box appears, at all.

I don't have a CD so I've downloaded a recovery and burned it to disc this morning, it works in my sisters laptop (the one I'm currently using) and the recovery shows up absolutely fine, but every time I boot from the CD on my computer it doesn't work at all, it just also sits on the blue welcome screen with no boxes as there was when I booted from CD on this laptop.

I have tried booting in last known good and safe, and it blue screened on both of those as well. But it simply comes down to the fact the recovery is not showing on my computer for some reason.

Not entirely sure what you'd need to know about the laptop, its a dell studio 17, only 11months old :frowning:
So you see "press any key to boot from CD/DVD" when you power on with the CD in the tray, you press a key and the CD boot hangs ?
If you don't see that message, then either your BIOS isn't set to boot CD before HDD, your optical drive is broken, or the CD isn't bootable, and you seem to have eliminated the last option by successfully booting it elsewhere.
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It goes to the blue welcome screen exactly as the partition did and hangs thereIt definitely is set to cd. It just seems to perform the same outcome as the partition recovery.
It's possible the CD wasn't burned right. You should have multiple files visible in the CD drive when you look at its contents, among which is welcome.exe.
I said it works fine in my sisters laptop, so they cd definitely was burned correctlyI dont think it's booting from the cd though as I put hard drive after network boot and it cycled through network. But I know that my drive is fine, it just doesn't want to boot from it though.