Windows 7 Recovery USB key not booting


I am trying to set up a Windows 7/Ubuntu dual boot and have had lots of headaches. I think I finally installed Ubuntu (after many setbacks), but now neither operating system will boot. I'm working on a Lenovo x120e with no CD/DVD drive, so I tried setting up a Windows 7 recovery USB key, following the instructions. Unfortunately, the key will not boot my system. I've tried two different keys, same result. Any suggestions?

BTW, I once was able to get as far as a grub prompt following the Ubuntu install, and from there I was able to boot 7. However the Ubuntu installation would not boot, so I then re-installed Ubuntu and now nothing is booting. Thanks in advance for your help.
That looks like it should work.

Have a look on the usb and see that all the files are present.

If they are, try running bootsect /nt60 z:

replace z with your usb driveletter.

You will find bootsect on the Vista or 7 install dvdv - it is also in windows\system 32 on your usb drive.

It is also in easybcd bin folder.

You shouldn't normally need to do that - but perhaps something got borked during the copying.

Well, I think I have the non-booting recovery key problem solved. I downloaded the program Flashboot and used it to create a bootable usb key with the NeoSmart recovery iso. Thanks for your help, SIW2. Still can't boot into W7, but now I see the grub menu and can boot into Ubuntu. I'll post the latest challenge in another thread.
FYI, I was able to repair the grub bootloader using a bootable USB key made using another Ubuntu installation. After restarting, the grub menu had working entries for both Ubuntu and W7.
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