Windows 7 Recovery


Here's the story:
Lenovo Laptop, Windows 7 64bit
Computer was shut down during automatic Windows update and after that Windows wouldn't start anymore.
I purchased and ran the Windows 7 recovery cd, but I got the message that the error couldn't be corrected, ran it several times with the same outcome.
I executed Option 2 and Option 3 from the manual boot repair link using c:\ as the boot drive. Now I'm getting the following error:
Windows failed to start.....
1. Insert Windows installation disc -> I don't have that one, didn't come with the laptop

file: \boot\bcd
Status: Oxcooooo98
Info: The Windows Boot configuration Data File doesn't contain a valid OS entry

From other threads I understand using c:\ might have been the mistake, but I don't know how to correct it.

Every help would be much appreciated.
Doesn't look like the manual recovery operations were done correctly.

Please post the results of those steps.
Thanks for the quick response. Here are the results from
Option 2:
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
operation completed successfully

bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force
Target Volume will be updated with bootmgr compatible boot code.

c:<\\?\Volume{4694f347-3ef2-11e1-89e4-806e6f6e963}>successfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode.

d:<\\?\Volume{4694f347-3ef2-11e1-89e4-806e6f6e963}>Could not open the volume root directory: The parameter is incorrect
e:<\\?\Volume{4694f347-3ef2-11e1-89e4-806e6f6e963}>successfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode.
Bootcode was successfully updated on at least one volume.

attrib -h -s C:\boot\BCD
del C:\boot\BCD
bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd
Successfully scanned windows installations.Total identified windows installations: 0
The operation completed successfully

When executing Option 3 all steps return "operation successfully completed"
When trying to re-start I'm getting the following error:
File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Status: 0xc000000f
Info= The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.
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