Windows 7 - Remove dual boot


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I installed WIn7 as a dual boot with Win XP on separate drives and have been trying to remove XP.
I have followed all the very similar instructions on the various websites including doing at least 3 startup repairs.
No matter what I do, the machine refuses to boot from the drive with WIndows 7 on it.
In the process I managed to make XP unbootable as well, (a driver error I think, although now it will not even boot in safe mode) making the whole computer inaccessable.

To get around this I installed a second version of windows 7 on a spare drive, installed easybcd and added the original Win7 to the boot menau. This seems to work fine and I can access either WIndows 7 system. I also tried adding the old XP to the boot menu but it would not complete booting (Same driver error as before I think) so I have deleted it.

Now I want to make the original Win7 installation the only system on my machine.

How do I do this sucessfully??
If you've successfully moved the boot, delete the redundant bootmgr file and the \boot folder from the old location.
Thanks. Just to be sure I understand, are you saying to use Windows Explorer (aka My Computer) to delete the folder and file? The old location is on a system partition on a multiboot system that I stll want to use. Windows 7.