Windows 7 Repair Disk Failure


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I downloaded the disk and burned it to a cd. When it boots up, it shows that windows files are loading, then it activates windows and it stops loading where it did for the original problem.

When the disk boots ups, I never see the menu that allows one to select among options.

What could be the cause of this?

Thanks in advance for the help!
I downloaded the disk and burned it to a cd. All of the information is on the cd. I opened the boot menu and asked it to boot from cd/ DVD and nothing. Any ideas?
Do you have your BIOS set to boot from CD/DVD before the hard drives? If not you will need to do that first before you will get the screen that says "Hit any button to boot from CD/DVD".
Your BIOS splash screen (first thing after boot) should tell you how to enter the setup somewhere.
When you say "all the information is on the CD," that's not saying much. All of what info? What do you see when you open the CD drive in My Computer?

[h=1]My laptop with Windows 7 just stopped loading windows and won't load recovery options...[/h]A few days ago, I tried starting up my computer. Windows would not load. Safe mode did not work so I tried recovery options. It never loaded the options. Now, all I get is those two options but nothing ever loads. I see that your company can provide a recovery disk that can be downloaded to a CD. My question – if I purchase the download and place it on a CD will I be able to run the CD if I can’t load my Windows 7 OS? Thank you for your assistance.