windows 7 repair failure?


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I have an Acer Aspire 5517 that gave me the "bootmgr missing" message and I'm getting a "No Image Found" error when trying to restore from the Windows 7 Recovery Discs found on Neosmarts page.

I make it to the System Recovery Options page, where it gives me two options:

1. use recovery tools that can help fix pronlems starting Windows. Select an operating system to repair.

If your operating system isn't listed, click Load Drivers and then install drivers for your hard disks.


2. restore your computer using system image that you created earlier.

With option number 1 there are no operating systems listed, so I use the "load Drivers" button and I get a dialog box asking me to insert the installation media for the device...I'm thinking this is the same is the Windows 7 Recovery disc so I hit OK and I come up with all the files from the disc...and I have no clue what I am to do from there. I did click on each file one by one to see if one might be the right file (although I kinda knew that probably would have been spelled out on the web page instructions)

With option number two it moves me to the "Re-image your computer page, scans for a second and get the error:

"Windows cannot find a system image on this computer.

Attach the hard disk or insert the final DVD from a backup set and click retry, for more options close the dialog box"

and thats where I am.

in case it matters, I first tried burned the recovery discs to a CD and then to a DVD. Also, I followed the instructions (I'm 99.9% sure) on how to complete the down load and then burn it to the CD/DVD.

I know this is wordy compared to many posts, but I have no clue what is important information and what is not, so I figured I give you a step by step on what I did.

Thanks Neosmart and all for getting me this far!!!
First check your BIOS to be *sure* your machine is looking in the right place at startup.

What, if anything, were you doing before this problem came up?
The second option means what it says
".............. that you created earlier"
If you have not been using MS backup to create system shadow copies, then you've nothing to restore from.
If "startup repair" cannot find a W7 system to repair, disconnect all other HDDs temporarily while you try it. (don't move on to the "drivers" page).
If, with only the W7 drive connected, you still can't see a system to repair, try "next" anyway. That will often complete the 1st stage and for the second and third (you need to "startup repair" three times), you should see W7 reappear.
If that doesn't work, check whether the "active" flag is set on your W7 partition. You can use Diskpart to set it if not.