Windows 7 resized c: only a black screen


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I resized my c: and d: drives to allocate more space to the c: drive. When it finished and rebooted I was unable to use most of my programs. They would open only after giving me various error msg's. All of which stated to run chkdsk. I tried to ru chkdsk but it didn't work or rather would not run. I decided to reboot my latop and have it run chkdsk upon boot up. When it restarted I saw the ASUS screen, then the screen with the cursor in the top left and then a black screen. I have tried rebooting and pressing the F8, F10, F12, and F5 keys. None of which take me to the boot menu or anywhere for that matter.

I have created the recovery on a USB. But i have no way of getting my laptop to boot from the USB. I can also make a recovery cd but still have no way of making the laptop boot from the disk drive.

Any help? Thoughts?



After hitting the delete key repeatedly after reboot I was able to get into the Setup Utility. I changed the boot order but it still won't boot from the recovery disk.

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