Windows 7 showing twice

I have just upgraded the second partition on my laptop to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. When it was running Windows 8 the start menu showed just the two entries Windows 7 and Windows 8, with Windows 7 being the default.

Since the upgrade it now shows two Windows 7 entries on the start screen together with the Windows 8.1 entry. If I look into EasyBCD it only shows the one Windows 7 entry. Anyone any idea how to get rid of the second Windows 7 entry. They both work and load Windows 7 so it's not a big problem.

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Have you tried to re-write the MBR? It sounds as if EasyBCD isn't fully in control of the MBR and that the upgrade has made changes not detected by EasyBCD.
Got the same problem, when I upgraded my Windows Server 2008 R2 partition to Windows Server 2012 R2.
and used EasyBCD to edit boot partition (default and order) causing it to display two Windows 7 during boot.
Previously it displayed correctly, but the default was Server 2012 R2, so I changed it using EasyBCD.
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Interesting issues... I wonder what MS has bungled up :wink:
Kidding aside, this behavior has been previously noted when the BCD pulls (fake) entries from boot.ini to display (but not actually directly boot into) before chainloading. Do any of you happen to find multiple /BOOT/ folders on your partitions post-8.1/R2 install? In particular, check on the normally-hidden/unmounted boot partition + the Windows partition itself..