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Is there a problem using EasyBcd 1.7.2 under win7-64? I have had Ubuntu running under the grub loader before (with win7 installed) but when I changed to the Win7 loader it will not run the grub loader. I put it onto the same partition as the linux install ie disk 1 partition 1 and selected this in EasyBCD. So I think it is pointing correctly but comes up with the "file missing" when I try to select the linux OS. I have tried to follow other threads with similar problems but I cannot solve it.
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Grab EasyBCD 2.0 Beta. The grub syntax has changed so you must get 2.0 and re-add the entry for linux.

If you're still having problems, please post a screenshot of your disk management and the menu.lst on your linux partition.
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Thank you very much kairozamorro I will do that.


I have re-installed ubuntu and am currently using the grub multiboot. When I change back over to the win7 loader via EasyBCD will I need to uninstall the grub loader using supergrub. Last time I completely deleted the partition using Acronis and started again.
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Nope, just re-install the W7 bootloader and re-add an entry to boot Ubuntu with the latest beta release of EasyBCD.