Windows 7 Updates fails.


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Hi there. After days of struggle, I came across your web page. I followed the instructions and created a Repair Disc for Windows 7 64-bit.

Here is a synopsis of my issue:
I have a brand new Satellite L650-BT2N23 with pre-installed Windows 7 Home premium edition. Windows 7 Updates doesn't work. I am not using a network. It's a stand-alone lap top. When I try to download Windows update, I get the message that they were not installed due to these errors: 80073712; 800B0100.
I have tried several fixes suggested by microsoft, but they didn't solve a thing. Now I believe that the next step would be to restore the laptop to its out-of-box state, which I am hesitant to do, as that would mean loosing all the work and files I have now on the computer.
Here are my questions:
1)Would the Repair Disc be good to fix this issue, or is it only to fix startup issues?
2) If the disc could solve the isseu without any loss of files and software, could you please tell me how to proceed with using it? (do I need to use it as a boot up disc, or use it after I start windows?What are the steps for using the Disc Repair?
Thanks for any advice/comments.
THe repair disk is just to fix a broken boot - not your problem.
Have you followed the WUD "update history" links ?
They'll take you to an email support link.
M'Soft will give you free one-to-one support for any WUD problem.
They'll even phone you and walk you through a fix routine if necessary.