Windows 7 upgrade over existing Vista/XP/Ubuntu Tripleboot - Problem?


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and thank you for your amazing product which helped me a lot setting up my current Vista/XP/Ubuntu tripleboot system.

My question:
Does an update from Vista to W7 change anything in the bootloader (except the Vista entry to a W7 entry)?
If no: Great, thanks, can probably do it myself from there and don't have to digg into the matter that extensively.

If yes:
My current setup:
  • Partition 1: Vista
  • Partition 2: XP
  • Partition 3,... Linux and data
  • Vista Bootloader tweaked with EasyBCD for nice triplebooting, working perfectly.
What I want to do (without having to reinstall etc.):
  • Update Vista to Windows 7
  • Leave everything else untouched
  • Best scenario: Bootloader after = Bootloader before, except W7 instead of Vista
Are there any tutorials that fit my needs? Anything I have to take care of?

Thanks in advance!
Upgrading should be farily easy. Run the upgrade from Vista. If your entries do go missing for some reason you can add tham back with EasyBCD.