Windows 7 will not boot from the ABO's or Neosmart Recovery Disk


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Hi all,

I could really use some help as I can't get my computer to boot into windows 7 from any of the Advanced Boot Options. No matter which one I use it will either get stuck on the windows splash screen or just continually load the status bar when trying to use the Neosmart recovery disk. I downloaded the recovery disk from an old Lifehacker post that linked me to a file share. I assume it should work regardless if it's the old free version or the new paid version. I was going to try downloading the newer recovery disk from a torrent but figured I should post here first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead!


Well out of no where the neosmart recovery disk worked and loaded up. I selected my OS and now it seems to be stuck on the recovery startup screen also with the status bar continually moving. I know it says it may take several minutes so for now I'll just wait it out, but if anyone has any words of wisdom please let me know. Thank again.


Just got a notice that said, "windows cannot repair this computer automatically"