Windows 7 / Windows XP- Error with EasyBCD "Add New Entry"

I have just finished installing a Windows 7 / XP (sp3) install on my desktop. The setup is:

Disk 0- Samsung 256 GB 840 Pro SSD (Windows 7 installed here) Logical drive c:\ in W7
Disk 1- Samsung 256 GB 840 Pro SSD (Windows XP installed here) Logical drive D:\ in W7
Disk 3- 1 TB Seagate Barracuda conventional HD. Logicak drive E:\ in W7

I finished up the Windows XP install yesterday and loaded several applications. Today I booted it up and installed and ran EasyBCD from the XP drive. I first did the BCD Deployment and did the "Install the Win7 bootloader to the MBR". However, when I ran the Add New Entry, I received an error to the effect that there was not enough room to complete the task. In thinking back, this may have been due to the fact that XP saw the System Reserved Partition on Drive 0 as logical drive C:\ and what shows as C:\ in the Win 7 was given a logical drive of K:\

At any rate, I did not know how to resolve this, so I rebooted. The machine came up in Windows 7 just fine. However, it did not give me a choice of which operating system (which I expected to happen). I tried a reboot with F8 to see if there was a choice, but there was none. So now, I am stuck booting to Windows 7 and am unable to get to the XP install.

My question is "Where do I go now"? Is there a way to run Easy BCD from the Win 7 partition to complete the dual boot setup? How can I get back into the XP setup to run EasyBCD and how should I run it differently? I did not choose and drive in EasyBCD as the instructions said that EasyBCD would find the NTLDR and choose the drive.


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Just run EasyBCD from W7.
You don't need to reinstall it necessarily, just run it from wherever it sits in XP.
Add the XP entry (auto configure) from there. It will locate XP and set it up properly.