Windows 7 wont boot but XP does.

Hi.I have a problem.I have dualboot with windows 7 and windows xp sp3(default).I installed EasyBCD on my computer while using windows 7.But i didn't like it anymore so I uninstalled it.And now only xp boots and when I got to BIOS to try to boot windows 7(on SSD) i get errorscreen with text:
I have tried repairing my windows 7 with install disk but it didnt help(yes I did it 3 times,first time it repaired something but other two it just said not valid version of install).I can now see windows 7 in EasyBCD while using windows xp.I would like to get both OS working and I would not like to use EasyBCD to do it(I like to select from bios to boot from other drive,it is faster).You may ask me anything as long as if it is viewable trough xp.Sorry if there is already working solution for that in forum.
EasyBCD doesn't boot your system, Microsoft bootmgr does.
What do you mean you uninstalled EasyBCD ?
EasyBCD is just an app. You can uninstall it, reinstall it over and over as many times as you like and nothing will happen.
It's just an app.
It doesn't have anything to do with booting your system. It just helps you manage the contents of your Microsoft BCD.
Do you mean you used it to "install the XP bootloader to the MBR", or you deleted the W7 entry from the BCD with it, or what ?
Tell us exactly what you did to screw your system. Uninstalling EasyBCD cannot affect the way your system boots.
I installed EasyBCD to win7.Then I added the Windows XP entry to EasyBCD.Then it worked but only after I had selected from bios to boot from second hard drive I saw the boot selection menu.I didnt like it so I removed the xp entry,set win 7 as default and selected the "Skip the boot menu" option.Then I uninstalled the EasyBCD.Then I tried to install while using win 7 to the xp drive(cause thats what is selected from bios to boot first).Then I added the Xp boot entry(It already had win 7 entry) but boot menu still wouldn't show up if i booted from xp drive.Then I uninstalled that app again.And after that I couldn't use my win 7(xp works fine).I select from bios to boot from secondary drive(win 7) and then I get that error mentioned before.Hope you understand and hope you can get this fixed.This is all as good as I remember.
When you added the XP entry to W7's BCD you created a dual boot menu.
When you decided you didn't want a dual boot menu and you removed the XP entry, you were back to square one. Everything was as it had been previously (you didn't need "skip boot menu", it won't present one if there's no choice to be made). You didn't need to do anything else.
XP does not have a BCD. It's a feature of Vista/7/8, so installing EasyBCD on XP was unnecessary and pointless if you'd decided not to have a dual-boot menu anyway.
Since you did install it on XP, but ran it from W7, it was still operating on the W7 BCD where you'd previously already added and removed an XP entry. (EasyBCD is portable. You can install it wherever you want, W7,XP, data partition, flashdrive, anywhere, it doesn't matter; but when you use it, it will operate on the "live" BCD - in your case - W7)
When you added an XP entry for the second time, it added it back to W7's BCD again after you'd already added and deleted it before.
When you used the BIOS override to boot from the XP drive, of course you didn't see a boot menu. XP does not use bootmgr/BCD, it uses NTLDR/boot.ini to boot, and it cannot be made to boot any newer OS. The changes you'd made were nothing to do with XP, they were all in the W7 BCD.
Presumably you then removed the W7 entry before uninstalling EasyBCD again (this time from XP) in the mistaken belief that you were doing something to the XP boot, instead of what you were really doing, which was to remove W7 from its own boot menu.
You need to install EasyBCD again, run it from XP and when it asks for the location of the BCD (it won't find one on XP) point it to the BCD on W7. The location on W7 will be on whichever partition on the W7 HDD is marked "active" in Disk Management which might be the W7 partition or an OEM recovery partition, or a special 100Mb Microsoft "System Reserved" partition.
Whichever one it is (say x:smile:, you will find the BCD at x:\boot\BCD, but it's super-hidden so you will need folder options set like this to find it.
When you find it and EasyBCD opens, add a W7 entry back to the BCD, pointing it to whatever letter XP calls your W7 OS partition.
Then you can delete the XP entry from the BCD and go back to booting via the BIOS override.
I installed XP on a new PC with Win 7 on board.
As predicted, the Win 7 boot files were written over and Win 7 wouldn't boot up.
I did this:
Find a working Win 7 setup and make a repair/restore CD.
Boot your dual HDD machine from CD and navigate to where it recovers/repairs the boot files and select it.
If the windows 7 disk is still the primary, as from the factory, a reboot should now bring up Windows 7.
Don't boot from the CD this time if you left it in.
Now reinstall and or run EasyBCD.
Worked great for me.
There are a couple of ways to get to the repair/restore utility on the Windows 7 system.
Check the manufacture's splash screen that pops up at start up for a brief time on some machines.
Mine will get a menu to take you to the utility. HP Pavilion P7-1154.
I believe there is also a PFkey that will do it. I prefer a CD, like the old ways, a boot disk.