Windows 7 won't boot in triple boot setup!!


Hi Guys,

I have a dual boot system with Vista x64 home prem and XP pro everything working fine thanks to easybcd:smile: however I downloaded win 7 RC from microsoft to try it out, however It won't boot!! My setup is xp and vista on the same drive seperate partitons, i put win 7 on a seperate drive, according to bcd all 3 os show up on view details, having read a number of posts I have tried various things to resolve the problem, I boot up from win 7 disc and ran repair 6+ times I get the following errors windows cannot repair this problem automatically then asks to send report to microsoft, having checked the error reports it states Root cause failed to find os loader file repair failed =0xA BCD store repair failed =0x490.
I am not an expert at this stuff so any help would be appreciated :grinning:
I'm guessing the bootloader for win 7 is in the wrong place or something stupid like that but I need to be pointed in the right direction please.
Hello Graham, welcome to NST
First you need to verify that when you're trying to boot normally, the correct drive (i.e. Vista and XP's drive) is the first HDD in the boot sequence. If it is not, you will need to put it first.
Secondly, when running Startup Repair from the Win 7 DVD, you will need to make sure the Win 7 hard drive is the first HDD in the boot sequence in the BIOS, and then after you run Startup Repair, to put the Vista and XP drive first in the boot sequence again. You can also disconnect the Vista and XP drive (if you can) before running Startup Repair to Win 7, which will accomplish the same thing. You may need to run Startup Repair 2-3 times, since it can only fix one thing per pass.
Thirdly, when running Startup Repair, you will need to verify that you selected the correct Windows installation to repair.
Fourthly, you will need to tell us which drive was the first HDD in the boot sequence in the BIOS when you installed Win 7.

In addition to all of this, you will need to post a screenshot of the Detailed (debug) mode in the View Settings section of EasyBCD, along with one of your Disk Management screen as well. I'm assuming you can boot into both Vista and XP?

To attach screenshots to your posts here, you can scroll down the page in the new post area, and use the "Manage Attachments" feature.


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Hi Jake,

Thanks for your reply, I have discovered that my second drive is not showing in the bios even though I can see it in windows and it works perfectly!! this is the drive with windows 7 installed so I am assuming this may be the cause of the problem, I have contacted my motherboard manufacturer to see if they can assist with the bios issue, I will let you know what happens.

Thanks again for your reply.


Flash your motherboard with the latest version of the BIOS for your system, obtainable from your OEM's website.