Windows 7 / XP Dual-Boot - picks the wrong XP partition to load


The system has three drives: 2 SATA, (1 with Windows 7, 1 with XP) and 1 legacy IDE drive. In W7, they are drive C, drive E and drive D respectively.

When I run EasyBCD on Windows 7, I can setup the "correct" i.e. the one I want to boot from XP drive (Drive E)

However, when dual boot into XP from the startup menu, Drive D (the old legacy IDE drive) is the one it boots from.

I really need it to boot from Drive E instead. The legacy IDE drive is physical Drive 0 if that makes a difference.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks,
Use the latest release from W7
Delete the existing entries.
Add them again, don't select "auto", specify the letter as seen from W7 for each entry
Don't change the BCD when you think it didn't work properly. It did.
The problem is that MS architecture does not allow multiple XP entries in the BCD. It uses a two-stage boot with the second choice coming in the legacy (NTLDR) boot menu.
NST can circumvent that restriction for you with its custom XP loader.
Read all about it here
Windows XP - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
Was finally able to sit down for a few minutes to work this out and your advice worked perfectly. Thanks for a very nice product.