Windows 7/XP dual boot problem.


I hope you guys can help me out. I installed Windows 7 on my boss's notebook. She had XP on, and all I did was partition the hard drive and install Windows 7. No problems there. I get the dual boot screen, but cant boot into XP. I tried with EasyBCD, but to no avail. I post some screenshots.

C%20drive.PNG D%20drive.PNG


Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
Hello pdr.
Copy over the "boot.ini", "ntldr", and "" from the root of the E: partition into the root of the partition shown as "system" in Disk Management (most likely a hidden 200 MB partition created by the Win 7 setup without a drive letter). If the "system" partition does not have a drive letter, then you will need to give it one in Disk Management, so the partition will be visible in Windows Explorer, and you will be able to browse its files. Then get EasyBCD 2.0 Beta and re-add the XP entry, and hit Yes at the prompt asking you if you want it to auto-configure boot.ini for you.
Then your she-boss will have a dual-boot. :wink:



P.S. I'm a bit surprised an entry for XP was not added automatically when you installed XP. Normally what happens is when you install Win 7 it automatically detects existing Windows installations and adds them to the BCD. But apparently this did not happen in your case.
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