windows 7 xp dual boot problem


vista was my default operating system( i never used it though) in drive c:

installed xp in e: drive

than installed easy bcd in xp and put it in dual boot mode

every thing was working fine till now

i have installed windows 7 oem on c drive and formatted c drive( may be the boot file of xp in c drive too):x

now tried with easy bcd in windows 7 while adding entry for xp it showed ntldr and ntdetect not found for xp.

i dont have original cd of xp

tried with easy bcd 2 beta 63. it installed ntldr but while booting error came

kindly help.
Hi drck, welcome to NST.
Please post a screenshot of your Disk Management display from W7, and copy/paste the output from EasyBCD "display settings" in debug mode.
thanks terry...
sorry for late reply...
i found out my mistake...
i was putting e drive for xp in new entry and trying to load ntdlr so it was not working.
i changed it to c drive and it was working straight away witn easybcd 2 beta...
great piece of software.

now i have decided not to shift to windows 7 and want to format my c drive where i m having windows 7
and boot file of xp..(xp is installed in e drive)

my question is can i format c drive.? without loosing boot file of xp? is there any way out of it.?
waiting for ur reply...
If you use EasyBCD "uninstall Vista bootloader" button, it will put XP back in charge.
Boot the system and you should go directly to XP without a menu.
Then you can format the W7 partition.