Windows 7 / XP dual boot


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I just installed windows 7, and I wanted it to dualboot with win XP.

I'm using one harddrive with partitions.

The biggest problem at the moment it that i only get the vista/win7 boot loading screen if I've got the win7 dvd in the drive, it comes up after "click any button to load from cd dvd" (or similar text). windows 7 loads fine, but xp I keep getting NTDETECT not foun, I've got copies of NTDETECT.COM and ntldr on the root of both the win7 and the win xp partitions.

If I boot without the dvd windows xp will try to load normally, why wont vistas bootscreen come up if I haven't got the dvd in the drive ?

Hi Caarid, welcome to NST.
If you put XP on after W7, you've overwritten the W7 bootloader.
(see point 4 in the sticky thread. For Vista ,read W7)
Follow the links to repair the W7 bootloader, then make sure that the XP boot files are copied into the W7 root and boot.ini points back to XP - points 5 and 6)