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EasyBCD seems to work fine with Windows 7 - any caveats?
e.g. Can I (safely) rewrite the 'Vista' bootloader - and actually get the Windows 7 bootloader?
Pat Garard
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Terry,

Thanks for the welcome - and the speedy response.

I'd like to leave EasyBCD 2.0 alone until stable.

> the boot will look like Vista
Not sure that I understand!

I have 2 installations:
Disk(0)Partition(0) [Entire Disk] was Vista 32-bit now Win 7 (Retail Upgrade) 32-bit
Disk(1)Partition(1) [70GB] Currently Win 7 RC1 32-bit supporting Office 2010 Beta
[Disk(1)Partition(0) is a common Data Disk D:].

I would like to clean install Win 7 64-bit (and Office 2010) to the 70GB partition.

I am proposing to:
Make Win 7 RC1 the default boot (EasyBCD 1.7)
Do a clean install of Win 7 64-bit to the 70GB partition
Check the 64-bit install and reinstall Office 2010 Beta
Make Win 7 32-bit the default again (EasyBCD 1.7)

Do you foresee any problems?

Thanks and Regards,
Pat Garard
Melbourne, Australia
EasyBCD 2.0 while beta is considered a stable beta meaning its very unlikely that you well have problems. When Terry says boot well look like Vista he meant it. When you boot Windows 7 with an entry added with previous versions the boot looks like you're starting Vista. Other than that it doesn't appear to have any ill affect so if you don't mind than yes its not a problem, but if you do have this problem and its a bother than the latest build of EasyBCD well be needed to add an entry without the problem.
Just the startup spash screen looks like Vista, from then on it's all W7.
Don't worry about 2.0 being Beta, that's just because CG keeps adding new features, not because it's buggy. The W7 features have been stable since several builds back.
There are problems booting Vista and W7 together (e.g.) (MS's not ours) which can be worked around with 1.7, but which 2.0 will fix for you.
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