Windows 8.1 Booting with Windows 7 in Win8 boot menu

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Hi first off i want to say sorry i haven't come around here to check my posts. I see u have new forum now looking great.

Well here we Go, I have installed Windows 8.1 on hard drive OK. Then i installed Windows 7 on a hard drive And it was booting up in the Windows 8 menu everything's fine.Then i installed Linuxlite based on Ubuntu 14.04 on a hard drive everything is fine when i boot up the grub comes up and then at the very bottom the Windows 8 loader is there so i can switch to Win8 and win7. OK now that u get everything is fine Here's what i want to do.

The copy of Windows 8 i have now does not have a key. But i do have a legit copy of windows 8 i Bought from BestBuy. I called Microsoft and everything and they help me get the copy i have installed and activated the one i installed on a SSD i had bought Samsung 850 pro 128gig. So this is the one i want to use now i had everything unplugged and and plugged my SSD when i installed windows 8. note its in a different SATA port from my current windows 8. So if u get me now and on the same page as me. Right now i have the Windows 8 installed on my SSD that Microsoft helped me with. SO now i want to take the Windows 7 drive and plugg it in so the windows 8 boot menu and windows 7 show. The problem is it doesn't show up as OS in msconfig. It shows up in my computer as a drive but not in msconfig. I want to boot with the legit copy of Windows 8 i have and windows 7. And then erase that other one and use just the SSD and Windows 7. BUt i want it to show up in the windows 8 boot menu and its not.

Note: SSD drive is on SATA 3_0 now instead of the other hard drive Windows 8 was on SATA 3_1
And i had left the Windows 7 that was already installed in the same spot SATA2_2

Also note that i did not use EasyBCD for the steps above. If i need to to fix this let me know thank u

Thank u to can ever help me out
OK so i answered my own question ? I just installed EasyBCD 2.2 and added the G:\ drive which Windows 7 was on and voila i was back with the windows 8 and 7 in windows 8 menu.

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Thank u guys here from NeoSmart Forum


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Closed, thanks and good luck :wink:
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