Windows 8.1 Bootloader screwed

I wanted to dual boot Kali Linux with my new 8.1 windows laptop. I turned off the fast boot option and installed kali linux on a partition but couldn't get it to load with easybcd. i removed my kali linux partition, set my windows 8.1 partition back to default boot, and then removed your software. now my windows bootloader shows up with only "kali linux" listed, which loads no operating system. i managed to reinstall kali linux and have a grubb loaded but the windows boot loader is screwed. i think it is absurd you make software like this and then for your "recovery fix" from errors your software causes you try to charge me money. please help me fix this error, i dont know what the original EFI folder looked like so i have no reference to start the repair from. I also cannot find any reference online to what this folder should look like.

thanks, and sorry for the salt.

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