Windows 8.1 does not manufacture old system production points

I have purchased software Windows OEM Product Key Tool to try to create a recovery of Windows 8.1 on my system. Additional EasyBCD.
My problem: In a system repair I have pressed the refresh button too fast
And so unfortunately my personal data (still visible) and what is the worst is the whole
Programs and shortcuts. So I have a Win8.1 without my needed programs.
I can not find any older system revision points that give me my old setting again
Enable. Only after the repair.
I have an additional 500 GB SSD installed and the drive C: cloned.
After this cloning process I tried to find other restoration points with your software. Has not yet succeeded. Also, I installed your EasyBCD software.
But I can not go any further:
First tried as on support pages describe the folders in the system in safe mode with input, rewrite Windows.old. That did not work. I could create the folders but it did not work.
Now the question to you: Is there any way to restore the system with my programs? What should I do? How to find the old system points. What do they have for a file transfer?
Or is it possible at all? Or I need to make a new installation of the system and programs.
I have spent a lot of days restoring my old system.
Nerves and motivation are on the 0 point.
I ask for your help.