Windows 8.1 dual boot with Kali 2018.1 - grub boot loader not seen

I have successfully installed Kali 2018.1 on a 100 GB partitition on my Asus X551M notebook, after using Mini Tool Partition Wizard to resize the existing 500 GB partition to 400 GB. I accepted the grub related MBR mods during the Kali install and when it completed it kicked out the install DVD. Post-Kali install if I select Windows Boot Management (the only other option, with no bootable DVD or USB device attached, is my Mitsushita DVD drive) I don't see the grub2 boot loader, it simply boots to Windows 8.1 I have been chasing this down on the Kali side - I am able to run in Live mode from the DVD and I can see the 100 GB and other partitions created during the install, but the grub install commands aren't working (command not found). So I am also chasing this down using EasyBCD while booted to Windows 8.1 yet when I attempt to Add New Entry and go to the Linux/BSD tab everything I would like to modify (it has Legacy Grub, this needs to be Grub or Grub2) is greyed out.

I'm hoping I have been clear here? I wish to have the grub boot loader appear on booting to the Windows Boot Management device in CMOS, and in that boot loader menu have the choice of booting to either Windows 8.1 or to Kali. Thank you for any assistance you can provide!
Thanks mqudsi! Yes I see those EFI errors when launching EasyBCD! As I am trying to "egress from Windows post-version 7 gently" i.e. eventually after a period of Kali tire-kicking I will have Kali ONLY on this machine I think Option 3 Use Grub EFI as your main boot manager, is the best option - I certainly don't want to re-install Windows on this machine or perform any of the other means under option 1. Also I don't wish to set up a VM on my Asus laptop. Just want to go back and forth between Kali and Windows 8.1 without using the DVD to boot to Kali.


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Sounds like you've got things figured out, best of luck!