Windows 8.1 (w/Bing) problems

My PC is a Toshiba Satellitle c55. Came with Win 8.1 w/Bing installed. After a BSOD and subsequent failures using the PC's own repair tools to fix the issues that plagued me I decided to run EasyRE

However my PC wouldn't boot up the disc. It was suggested to me that it was due to my PC being in UEFI mode and I should set it to CSM, so I did, so long as I set it back after doing what I needed to do. So I set it to CSM and then the EasyRE CD loaded up fine. Set it to Autorepair and it changed some things in my MBR and more that I can't remember before running into a wall due to it being unable to repair things on the volume. It said check the log but I have no idea where to find it

So I restart the PC, change the settings back and remove the disc however this time the PC gets the 0xc000000f error and cannot even open the HDD Recovery tools that were previously available before running the program. I'm not very tech savvy but it does seem to me that the autorepair misplaced some files or altered the MBR enough to where its not reading the Windows installation in the proper place (I could be wrong, again, not tech savvy)

I have also downloaded the Windows 8 Recovery Disc but it wont boot up the recovery media, and after what happened before by changing UEFI to CSM Im not sure if booting into CSM to run Recovery is a good idea. Any ideas how to fix this issue? It tells me to insert the Windows Installation Disc but I don't have them, and I cant enter a Command Prompt without going to the HDD Recovery tools, unless there's some alternate way to reach it

For the record, before running the program, my PC never got the error message it does now. It took a long time to startup and would hang, but I could still access the HDD Recovery options despite them not being effective