Windows 8 - missing/damaged "neogrub.mbr"

Hi, there!

1st of all, congratulations for this nice piece of software!!!

I own a touchscreen notebook/tablet and wanted to try windows 8 (very nice).
I use kubuntu and also android-x86 with grub2.

All was working nice when I heard from a friend that with easyBCD 2.2/Neogrub I could get bootloader with touchscreen (and I did!!!).
I set up easyBCD/Neogrub not to be in MBR so that I could give it a try and it worked very nice (from grub2 -> Windows/easyBCD boot).
That way I could try various configs until I got it right.

Somewhere around here, on one of my tests, when I tried to get back to W8 I just got the "missing/damaged neogrub.mbr" error.
I tried the W8 repair disk but it only got grub2 out of the MBR and when it starts W8, the message still appears.

How to recover the W8 boot (or remove easyBCD) so that it boots and I can fix easyBCD?
Can I fix it from kubuntu?

sda1/primary - windows 8 - ntfs
sda2/primary - android-x86 - ext3
sda4/logical - kubuntu 12.04 - ext4
sda5/logical - archive/data - ntfs
sda6/logical - swap
sda7/primary - hp recover

Thx for your help :wink:
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Is there any way to alter grub2 to bypass Neogrub/EasyBCD mbr file and boot with the Windows 8?

That would permit me to fix EasyBCD error...


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I somehow missed this thread, but the solution should be as easy as deleting and recreating the entry, no?