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What I need and what a lot of people possibly might find useful:
I would like to have a bootable device like a USB-Stick or a USB-disk which contains a multiboot
software and on which I can simply add any bootable program by copying it onto the device and then
adding it to a menu so that when connecting the stick or disk to a PC I can boot any one of the
programs it contains, such as Windows itself , partition-tools , in short any software that can be booted.
It would make it very easy to have ones collection of programs on such a stick/disk all nicely together
and accesible without having to keep changing dvds, cds , etc etc constantly. That way any installation and the work involved would be soo much easier. Any suggestons? Thank you

on second thought and to explain myself a little bettter what I would like to do is create a stick or better even a usb-disk which contains about 20 different programs such as windows , office , partitionmanager , Acronis , Linux , several tools in DOS etc etc and which:
1 is recognized as bootdevice by several PCs
2 allows me to boot and use any of the programs it contains simply by choosing it in a menu
3 allows me to add or remove any programs to modify it and Keep it up to date
4 preferable an external hard-disk for better speed and faster modifications than a stick as writing to those takes a lot of time.
all this because I do frequent installations and or modifications on a number of PCs and I want to be able to tailor this to my particular needs

Again thank you anyone for Information M
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Might be possible with Linux and other 3rd party software, but Windows is custom built to the specific hardware of the PC on which you run Setup.
Not only would this make it unbootable on a different PC, MS specifically prohibits any such use in the EULA.
The key can be activated on only one PC.

For OEM Windows that PC is fixed and the copy of Windows cannot be used on any other PC. The licence belongs to the PC, not to the purchaser.

For a retail copy, you can install Windows on a second (or subsequent) PC, but it will not activate automatically because the key is already registered to the original PC. You can get a phone activation from MS, but that automatically invalidates the original PC's license and Windows cannot legitimately be used on that PC again. In practice of course MS cannot necessarily know whether you are continuing to use the (now) pirate copy, but they will make it gradually insecure and dangerous to do so because Windows Update will not allow the OS to be kept current with security patches on any PC without a valid activation.


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When I built such a CD/USB years ago I used grub4dos and a config file to create a menu to boot the tools. If you want a bootable ISO so you could also burn a CD/DVD use a tool such as mkisofs.