Windows Boot Loader goes off everytime I install Linux Ubuntu

And now this has happened for the second time. Previously with Elementary( Linux ) and now with Ubuntu 16.04.2.
I've Windows 10(anniversary edition), upgraded from 8 to 8.1 to 10. I've installed Linux on my system and wanted to run it along Windows 10. But at the Grub window , where we have the option to choose either Linux or Windows, when I choose Windows 10 error regarding windows boot manager occurs. The following is the error image:


The image of the grub window is as follows:

And also this has occured the second time. However I can access my Windows 10 using NOVO Button -> Boot Menu -> Windows Boot Manager(ST500LT012-9WS142) but I suppose this is not the way how it should be. Andnow out of frustration I've uninstalled Ubuntu. But I want to use Ubuntu, just to explore it. Please help me either by telling what is going wrong or by telling me the steps to install Ubuntu once again so that the error does not creep in again. The version of Ubuntu is Ubuntu 16.04.2.