Windows Boot Manager has usurped control (WBM)

I have been dual-booting Windows 8.1 and Linux for some time now on an aging Lenovo desktop mobo Ver.1. WBM never worked correctly -- so I searched around a long time ago and found NeoSmart's Easy BCD. I love it and it has worked for me perfectly on this aging computer. I was changing my Linux distro yesterday, and now I discover upon boot that WBM has returned and my Easy BCD boot screen is nowhere to be seen! :lup:

This I do not like! I want my Easy BCD back in control!

How do I achieve this? (Disable WBM?) Please advise. Thanks.


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Don't quite understand your problem
EasyBCD isn't a boot manager. It doesn't have a boot screen.
EasyBCD just helps you manage the contents of bootmgr's BCD.
It's always MS bootmgr presenting you with the menu.
Do you mean you have lost the 8.1 bootmgr GUI boot screen and returned to the W7 version ?
If so, EasyBCD didn't previously help with that, though now there is a Beta version which should