Windows boot manager


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For some reason my computer (presario f500 laptp) is coming up with that god awful Windows failed to start, recent hardware or software change the problem blah blah blah, stick in vista disk run recovery, BCD/error 0xc000000f.

I downloaded the Vista recovery disk from neosmart, put in in and pressed delete, and pressed enter on boot from CD, and it goes straight back to the Windows boot manager windows faield to load screen. I have pressed F10 and made sure CD wass enabled and at the top of th elist, but I cannot get past that windows boot manager screen.

Any help?

P.S. (i am an imbecile and require step by step instructions)
Hi ane, welcome to NST.
To ensure that you burned the disk correctly, please verify that you followed these steps:

  • Download the NST disk torrent.
  • Install a torrent client (such as BitTorrent or uTorrent), if one's not already installed.
  • Run the torrent client, and "add" the torrent you just downloaded, and have it download the actual .iso file.
  • Burn the resulting .iso file (after it has been completely downloaded) to a CD with ImgBurn.

If you did all these steps fine, then please tell which kind of CD you used, i.e. like CD-R, CD-RW, etc.