Windows boots to D drive after deleting boot partition


Hi, I have a laptop which I used to Vista/Vista dual boot, one build for the office and one for home, I used EasyBCD to set up the boot options and all has worked fine for about 2 years. Recently I got a separate laptop for work so I no longer needed the office partion on original laptop, I used EasyBCD to move the boot info onto the home partition and then used gparted to delete the office partition and extend the home partition to use the whole disk, this is where the problems started, as before I still got a boot menu, if I chose home it would go straight into recovery and fail, if I chose office it would boot to the home build but with the system drive as D (it was formerly C for both builds) and hence nothing runs properly although I can see the drive structure is intact and some basic windows functions such as file browsing sort of work. No problem I thought I'll just rebuild the mbr/bcd, but however I do this it still boots with D as the system drive, I have followed your excellent article "Recovering the Vista or Windows 7 Bootloader from the DVD" and "Nuked" it all and manually rebuilt it, but still the same thing, I would prefer not to rebuild the drive at the moment, so does anyone have any sugestions for how to get it back to booting to C. Many Thanks, Phill.
thats right, even if I browse to it and try to run it, or if i try and run from a command prompt. looks like I'm gonna have to do a rebuild.
Yes, it sounds more broken than just a simple letter change.
That doesn't entirely surprise me.
My Vista (one OS in a 4 way boot) managed to become unbootable on a 100% error free HDD when it hadn't been booted or accessed for weeks. I fiddled around with diagnostic and repair tools for a few weeks on and off, before conceding defeat and reinstalling it.
Never did work out how a system can break when it's not being used, though I did have a Triumph Stag many decades ago, whose brakes failed while it was standing in the garage over winter.
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