Windows Complete PC Restore doesn’t see a backup?


Any help is greatly appreciated by the tech-NO-idiot asking!:wtf:
I have bad sectors on my HDD and can’t load Windows Vista. Windows Complete PC Restore sees the recovery partition but doesn’t see a backup file in it for some reason. I think I have found the recovery partition (see photo)? Does 12GB sound correct for a 320GB HDD? Can I force it to look in the right place? If so how?

If not I want to format C: and install the recovery partition to restore it to the factory state from the command prompt at the same time. However I can’t seem to put the recovery files in the correct place or give correct address or something. Again any help is greatly appreciated, THANKS!


Windows backup/restore doesn't store its shadow copies in your OEM recovery partition, they're kept invisibly in the partition to which they relate along with the system restore points.
Those backups aren't connected in any way to the OEM's "factory reset" which will have a compressed image stored in that partition after the OS.
That is accessed by some hot-key combination at power on time. Which particular key(s) depends on the OEM, could be F2 F11 F12 ALT+F10 or something else.
Your user handbook should tell you.