"windows Could Not Display The Images Available For Installation"

I followed this tutorial exactly http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=5399 Would have posted reply there, but the guy has been offline for a very long time and wasn't sure anyone monitored it. Feel free to move this there if you like.

I've done it both with Server 2008 and Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. But this is always the result (can't count how many times I tried):

Thanks ahead of time.

Note: I ran thru the steps 2 more times, only this time the backups were full size, not compressed like happened the first few times I did this. No idea why. So my final install.wim file ended up actually bigger than before (8.7 Gigs vs 7.3), even though I had way less stuff on the hard drive! Anyway, the installation proceeded "normally" this time, save there was no dialogue to choose drive options; but there was no way to get into Windows in a Virtual machine as the drivers installed conflicted with the VMware's drivers. I couldn't even engage a repair option within the virtual machine for some reason.
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Those instructions involve many superfluous steps. I should get around to writing a new guide in the wiki!

The easiest way of doing it:

Extract the contents of the recovery ISO onto the USB.

EasyBCD -> Create Bootable USB. Pick the letter, and press OK when it asks to load the newly-created BCD for editing.

EasyBCD -> Add New Entry -> WinPE.
Select the .WIM file on the USB, give it a name, tick the "Force portable entry" checkbox, and add.

Reboot, boot from USB, and test :smile:
Had no idea EasyBCD created bootable USBs (still don't see that option). I've always used UltraISO to do that. I'm a little fuzzy about what you meant by "recovery iso". Do you mean the Window 7 restore ISO from NeoSmart?

Obviously, I never made it into Windows the first time as it kept hitting stop errors (probably meaning the video driver probably was trying to force itself on the virtual machine), so can the restore iso can be used in this situation while preserving my installation with all my programs and settings?

Ideally, I'd like to do the Windows installation in a similar fashion to what that guide talked about without having to run a repair in the middle of it. Is that even possible with a virtual machine? Need to test it before trying in the real world, of course. And why the heck was my backup the same size as my system drive? It shaved off 5 Gigs the first couple times I tried it. Thanks. Update: I ran the repair which took 15 minutes the second try. No luck. Big bad stop error. So it's a bust with a virtual machine. So tempted to try the install on my real computer--not!
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It's EasyBCD 2.0 > Bootloader Setup > Create External Media > select a USB drive from the dropdown