Windows Disc Recovery Disc problem/question


Hi, I've followed all of the easy to understand steps including torrents. IMGburn says my disk (a fujifilmCD-R I had lying around) has been sucessfully burned with the torrent but when I put the disc into my laptop, nothing happens. I click F8 and put it in and nothing. I just still have the Windows Error Recovery screen. Am I doing something wrong?
Hi jimmy,

You need to reboot the computer. CTRL+ALT+DEL will do. If it gives you a message saying something along the lines of "Press any key to boot from cd..." you need to do so. Else you need to go into your BIOS and change the boot priority so that your cd drive is at the top (first device the computer will try to boot from). Even than, you may need to press a key if it tells you to.
Thank you for the quick reply. I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL which brings me to windows boot manager but it only gives me the option of clicking windows vista, so I guess I must change the boot priority. I'm really not good with computers though and don't know where to go to do this.

Actually, I figured out how to change the BIOS, but even though I set CD/DVD as my 1st priority, I still only get the Windows Vista option.
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See which button as your booting the computer gets you into the BIOS. It'll be displayed in one of the four corners on the screen where it shows your equipment company's logo. Try Del or F2 for starters. Every brand/and even sometimes model are different. Once your in the BIOS, the valid keys you can use to navigate it and change settings will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, so just folow along from there until you've located the right place, which should be something along the lines of boot sequence/device boot sequence, etc...
Thank you for all the help. I'm very close but I've run into a roadblock. I put in my product key number and it states that it isn't valid. So I chose to not put one in and I get an error that says E:/Sources/Install.wim. Error Code: 0x80070002.
No you don't want to re-install Windows. In fact, even if you wanted to, you cant... not with our recovery disc anyway. Its only purpose if providing you access to the recovery utilities a normal Vista DVD has.

Instead of clicking "Install Now" when you boot from the recovery disc, click "Repair my computer" instead. Seee our wiki for the details.