Windows error recovery page loop


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Hello, i am stuck in a continual loop where whenever i load my laptop, i end up at this Windows error recovery page. I have read of many people in the same situation, and they have solved it by booting from a Vista DVD and using Windows repair. My problem is that i am travelling at the moment, i have an English version of Vista loaded onto the laptop (no disk) and i will only be going through Italian, French and Spanish speaking countries in the next few weeks. Does anyone know if i can use a Vista DVD in another language to use the Windows repair function and keep the files on my laptop?
Thanks in advance,
Hi Justin, welcome to NST.
As long as you can read the other language to know which option to select it should make no difference.
Even if it repairs your boot menu with one in French it wouldn't matter a lot and you can always edit the system names in EasyBCD anyway, or re-repair when you get home.
Alternatively you can download an English repair disk from this site if you've got access to a fast enough link, and a burner.