windows event subscription Failed

Okay by /q are you trying to get it to display command usage to you? Usually its either "command help" or "command /?", but from what I can see the qc message saying its not supported pretty much explains it all. Either something didn't get installed properly or is corrupted or both...
/q means runs silently, i try to use the command without /q and it has the same error.
I try on 2 machine on my lab, and both of them has the same issue.

Well that command may have been for older versions than and is no longer supported as the message states.


Are you getting the wecutil, etc.. before qc in your command prompt before issuing it as the article describes? qc doesn't appear to be a command but rather a parameter to those commands. It says you need an elevated command prompt which suggests its for server 08 and you state you're trying to set it up in server 03... so basically you're trying to use newer instructions with an older version of the product hence the reason it might not be working becuase there may be differences there.
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Do help on it and see if those are available options just in case since I guess the article seems to be referring to server 03 and server 08. I'll admit right now that I've never done this before, so help and more documentation is your best friend :smile: