"Windows Failed to Start" Error


I just got an Acer laptop the other day it was working fine and this morning i tried to boot up and i got an error saying Windows failed to start. Recent hardware or software changed may be the cause. I have tried safe mode tried to repair it and i dont know what else to try.. any suggestions??
This sounds like the newest updates crashes your system. I have heard this thru many people in the newsgroups. Sadly there hasnt been any info available on how to recover your system. If you can get into Safe Mode try to remove the most recent updates installed. See if that helps.
If you have a Windows Vista DVD, stick it in your drive and boot from it.

Choose repair my PC, then select "System Restore"
From there, pick an earlier date and restore your system settings to the way they were when your PC was working.

If you don't have a Vista DVD, grab a copy of our recovery disc from Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki


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This would only work if you have Restore Points and Shadow Copies on. Isn't that right Mahmoud? I know personally i have them off so this option wouldn't work for me. Sad they had to take out the repair feature from XP. That was very useful...
Yeah, MS believes that the new flexibility and speed offered by WIM-based installation procedure is of greater importance than the repair options offered by the slower installs for XP and below - but I gotta agree with you, repair installs were a blesssing.


System Restore is enabled by default on Windows Vista, Shadow Copy is not required (I think).

A lot of people turn them off because on Vista (unlike on XP), they are a huge drain of filespace.
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Yes that they are. I personally dont like that. Even though i do have over 1TB of hard drive space i dont like any unecessary space being used. I use up more than enough myself. Plus sadly Vista is a major hog itself. I mean with barely any apps installed i got just over 30GB of my 80GB used. I still dont have Office on here yet. No games. So yeah it scares me how much Vista uses.
Hi there,

I've got the same problem as bman_15. When I insert the Vista disc nothing happens, the same message appears as without it. Any ideas what to do?
Thank you!
Hi Sand, welcome to NST.
Make sure in your BIOS setup that CD is set to boot before HDD.