windows failed to start "\$LDR$" 0xc000000F can't startup repair, (THe story).


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Hi guys, peace to you :grinning:

My first post here :smile:

View weeks ago i discovered EasyBCD. Wonderfull, it's kinda rEFIt came to Windows world. iReboot is nice to. Im glad there is such a tool. :smile: And now iv'e found this nice forum researching my problem. I found also nice that in About of a EasyBCD progg PLoP was mentioned, that i had also discovered view days ago.

Oke, to the business.

One friend of mine called me and told that her pc doesnt start anymore. Suddenly it stopped working. Without having any issue before. She says she goes to the kitchen while pc stayed on to take something comes back pc is off. She tries to start it but got no sucess. So i take her pc home to check it out.

When i start it up i see "windows failed to start" "\$LDR$" "0xc000000F" errors. All at same screen. So i tough ok ill boot of Windows 7 DVD and do a Startup Repair. BUT! I cant boot of the Windows DVD. It hangs at the moment where the Windows logo would appear. Ive already tryed other different boot cd's. Hirens boot cd 10.6 cant boot mini windows to. It can boot mini linux well but not mini windows. So i cant get into any bootable Windows so that i could do chkdsk /f. Ive also tryed to boot from XP CD, doesnt work eather. Hangs at "Windows starting up". Ive booted a Russian Fedora Remix and saw that a system partition was full. So i deleted some BIG unnecesarry files from desktop to free up some space. Because i remember that full system partition can also be not good for starting windows. Gparted also told me that the system partition have some problems. But i have found somewhere on internet that it would be better to do chkdsk /f out of windows then fix those errors out of anything else. THere was also suggested to put this hd with errors to another pc and chkdsk it there. But i have no other pc with sata. After ive tryed view more bootable cd options (UBCD, WinPE, SpotMau, Active Boot Disk Suite, etc). I was thinking maybe i should scan the hd for viruses. So i booted hirens boot cd mini linux and after a scan found two viruses to. But ok, whatever, they are now removed.

SO while researching on internet ive found that the faulty hd could be responsible for not being able to boot from any windows based live cd. I find it wierd actually. Why would live cd use hd. But ok. So i disconnected the drives and tryed to boot from windows boot cd. Guess what? It worked. But i cannot startup repair disconnected hd, right? :smile:

So, when i was attaching drives back i was looking where are they connected to. There are two hard drives one 2xx gb and the other 3xx gb. The 3xx gb is all data drive. And the 2xx gb hd is partitioned as: 60 gb primary system partition. And the rest is a logical data partition. So the 2xx gb drive was connected to sata nr2 port, and 3xx gb was connected to sata nr1 port. I found it not logical and changed them. So the system hd is connected to sata port nr 1 and the other to sata port nr 2. After i did that ive got other screen. Letting me choose between "launch startup repair (recommended)" and "start windows normally". But beather of them boot windows up.

So now im trying to do some system recovery with SpotMau PowerSuite 2009. It boots up atleast. But with no luck. What else can i add?

If you have any more questions just or any additional information needed, just ask.

I have also found on internet that you cant repair install (install windows on the same partition without reformatting it or deleting the system) with windows 7, can anyone confirm it?

I hope you atleast enjoyed the reading.
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Hi Nikolai,

Boot from a Ubuntu disc to rescue any important files like this:
Rescue Data w/ Ubuntu

When thats done, open Applications > Accessories > Terminal:
sudo fschk /dev/hda1

If it finds problems it can't fix they'll need a new hard drive.

If it finds something and fixes it, try booting from the Windows disc again to perform startup repair. If you're able to boot but startup repair don't work check out our manual recovery instructions (you might need to run startup repair 2-3 times first though):

Vista/W7 Bootloader Recovery from DVD