Windows failed to start


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I am having a frustrating problem. I recently bought a Sony FZ140E laptop with Vista Home Premium installed. One day when I turned the system on, a Windows error message appeared. " Windows failed to start. A recent hardware change might be the cause. To fix he problem, insert the Windows installation disc. Problem is I don't have that disc and I've heard it doesn't fix the problem. Can any one or more of you geniuses help?
Review the information on what keys are used for system restoration. Most new laptops as well as desktops sold with Vista preinstalled generally have an assigned key or key combination to see Windows redone to the factory condition. There's also the option for downloading a recovery disk iso image found at

Once burned onto a blank disk you could try the automatic startup repair tool to see if that gets you running again. Review the information there.
Usually that key is F12 to get the hardware utilities test up or to get the Recovery Partition to boot up.