windows failed to start


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ok 2 days ago i was playing the all famous world of warcraft when my pc froze completely....couldnt do nothign so i had to press the button to shut it off manually...when i went to start it up again it went to the boot manager and says windows failed to start due to a hardware or software change......

so after researching it online i came to this site to get the recovery disc download.....i downloaded it burnt it and tried running it on the computer having the problem which is a dell inspiron 531s....i set the cd/dvd drive to be the first bootable drive thru bios.....but my cd/dvd drive is a sata type and from what i understand caus eof this problem the comp wont run the cd cause of drivers or something .....any other idea of what i can do ...i dont have a normal vista recovery disc....????pls help
Hi jt, welcome to NST.
Shouldn't be a problem booting from a SATA optical. Mine works fine with every known boot disk.
missing SATA drivers is only really a problem if you're trying to install an old XP. They included SATA drivers with SP2.
What problem are you having trying to boot the CD ?
Do you see "press any key to boot from CD" as you boot ?
If not, either the CD is not bootable (check it by trying on a functional PC), or your BIOS sequence isn't right. (try it by booting another known bootable CD), or your CD-ROM drive might be partly malfunctioning (try a bootable DVD - it uses a different laser)