Windows Features Wizard doesn't work


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I've been trying awhile to get the Microsoft standard games (e.g. Solitaire, FreeCell, etc.) - to show up in the Microsoft Games folder on my Start Menu. It seems that if the games aren't in the folder, they can't be run. I have found where the game EXEs are, but they don't run.

I realize that the games are a "Windows Feature" and that these can be turned off and on in the Control Panel in the Program Updates folder.

My problem is that the features wizard always returns the following message - " An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed." I have reasonably searched all over the web for a solution. I've tried using the wizard in safe mode and it still didn't work.

As it stands now, I seems unable to use the Windows Feature Wizard for any feature. Is there any direct registry hack that I can use to be able to play my games.

Thank you in advance.

Hello voyagerxv and Welcome ot NeoSmart Technologies!

What version of Vista are you running? As far as i kow there is no hack to make them work.
Actually, you can run them without using the Games Explorer...
For instance, type in "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Games\SpiderSolitaire\SpiderSolitaire.exe" into the Run dialog (no quotes) and Spider Solitaire *should* turn on.

If it doesn't, that would mean that your games themselves are corrupted, and that's probably the reason they don't show up in the Games Explorer in the first place.
Well wouldn't all depend on his version of Vista I know business doesnt come with the games installed. But i think Basic doesnt even come with them